Children's ESL teacher - Taiwan

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  • Full-time
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Job Summary & Responsibilities

Take advantage of the exciting opportunity to teach in Taiwan and take in the local culture!

In this position, each teacher will be responsible for teaching a mix of programs and age groups, which include a language school and preschool. The school pays on an hourly basis with a set minimum number of teaching hours per week. This school is ideal for teachers who wish to study Chinese or leave free time during their experience in Taiwan. It's also a good fit for those who want to save more money or pay off student loans as there are plenty of opportunities to pick up extra classes. There are only start dates in Fall (July/August/September) and Spring (February/March/April)

  • Must be Native English speaker from US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand
  • Age 22-40
  • Associates or Bachelor's Degree and 120 hour TEFL Certificate
  • No teaching experience required
  • Criminal Background
  • Must commit to year long contract
Hourly Pay
  • Base pay rate is NT$620/hour
  • Starting pay up to NT$660/hour, based on experience
  • Teachers paid for teaching time; for time spent grading homework and preparing lessons receive NT $3000/month (you decide when and where this is done, does not have to be at the school)
Guaranteed Hours
  • NT$49,600 guaranteed minimum monthly pre-tax income
  • NT$64,480 average monthly pre-tax income
  • Minimum of 20 teaching hours per week, averaged over the month
  • No maximum, so room to build experience
  • Average of 26 teaching hours per week
  • Regular working days are Monday-Friday, but some teachers will be required to also teach classes on Saturday mornings
Optional Interest-Free Setup Loan
  • Maximum of NT$30,000
  • Take up to six months to pay this back
Vacation, Sick Leave and National Holidays
  • 14 vacation days per year
  • 6-8 days of national holidays per year
  • Christmas is optional work day
  • 7 sick days per year
  • 1 month of contract renewal extended leave (after 1st year)
  • All days away from teaching are unpaid
Raises & Bonuses
  • Yearly raise of up to NT$40/hour, depending on performance and professionalism
  • The ceiling pay rate of NT$800 per hour
  • Student Return-Rate Bonuses
  • Contract Completion Bonus (after second contract, NT$15,000 bonus; the third, NT$20,000; and NT$30,000 at the end of each additional contract completed thereafter)
Assistance Learning Chinese
  • Partnership with National Taiwan Normal University's world-renowned Mandarin Training Center
  • Flexible courses are offered online in real time with certified professors
  • "Mandarin Survival Guide" booklet and accompanying 3-CD audio set
  • Taiwanese co-teacher who teachers every other lesson or, the matching Chinese curriculum
  • Support from Head Teacher or Manager
  • 10 days of orientation and training in Taipei
  • Free 10 day hotel stay upon arrival, help finding an apartment after training
TEFL Certification Training Program
  • Earn a TEFL certificate after completing the schools' initial and follow-up trainings and first year of practicum teaching
Visa & Insurance
  • School sponsored resident visa and work permit
  • Documents staff handles paperwork for teachers
  • National health insurance (appx. NT$300-500/mo)
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Job Summary

Type of School

Children's training school

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NT$64,000 average monthly salary

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1 Year





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